Joe Macleod

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Experience Strategy, Experience Design, Customer Journey Mapping, User Experience, Software, Sustainability

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Bachelor's, Masters

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North America, Europe, Asia / Pacific

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Joe Macleod
Co-Founder since
Head of Endineering

Joe Macleod is the founder of the worlds first customer-ending business. A veteran of the product development industry with decades of experience across service, digital, and product sectors. Author of the Ends book, that iFixIt called “the best book about consumer ewaste”.

Head of Endineering at AndEnd. TEDx Speaker. Wired says “An energetic Englishman, Macleod advises companies on how to game out their endgames. Every product faces a cycle of endings, from breakage to customer burnout to falling behind consumption trends. It’s important to plan for each of them. Not all companies do.”



Joe Macleod