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Jeff Fortmann
Swamp Motel
Explorer Founding Member since
An immersive entertainment company.
Explorer Founding Member since
Otter Oak & Oar
Explorer Founding Member since
Pascal Jouannel (STUDIO IX)
Explorer Founding Member since
I always try to push the limits to their maximum to offer my clients an unexpected experience
Klaus Sommer Paulsen
Author of Integrated Storytelling by Design, award-winning strategist, concept developer, storyteller and designer.
James R (Bob) Rossman
Dean of experience design
Joe Macleod
Head of Endineering
Amy Kole
Explorer Founding Member since
Amy is an experienced writer and narrative designer in Orlando, FL.
Joe Pine
Speaker, management advisor, and author of such books as The Experience Economy, Infinite Possibility, Authenticity, and Mass Customization.
Natalia Skibenko
Immersive and interactive multimedia experiences, AR/VR/XR/MR, holograms, light-music installations, and any tech wow-stuff you can think of
Rob Morgan
Immersion Designer & Creative Director. I create and consult on award-winning immersive narratives across AR/VR/XR, particularly Arts, LBE & Heritage
Andy Barnes
Technical Director / Producer for Immersive Experiences
Explorer Founding Member since
Charlotte-Amelie Veaux
Co-founder of Onyo (sonic themed experiences) and UXmmersive, the French-speaking media dedicated to immersive experiences
Roger Malinowski
Father of 2, husband of 1 😉 - festival owner, lover of music, experience and connection. 10+ years in experiential and 1+ in virtual events.
Explorer Founding Member since
We design, develop and deliver immersive learning experiences that inspire and empower teams.
Andrew Lacanienta
Experience Designer for the People
The Designer's Creative Studio
Explorer Founding Member since
A 30 year veteran of story-based experience design in collaboration with best in class, global brands.
Craig Linton
Fundraiser working with charities globally to improve their experiences