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Max Lenderman
Purpose-led Creative & Brand Leader | Experience Economy Pioneer | 2x Author & 3x Founder | Speaker, Publisher & Educator | Strategic Advisor
Andrew O'Loughlin
Sport Experience Design advisor, facilitator, podcast host and coach - amplifying the influence of sport and active experiences
Mat Duerden
Marriott School of Business - Brigham Young University
Co-Author of Designing Experiences
Ivna Reic
The University of Northampton
Event Management Academic and Inclusive Event Experience Enthusiast
Gian Carlo Mocci
Speaker, management advisor, manager.
Burcu Sahmali
Peter Holst-Beck
Unique experiences create unique moments and everlasting memories
Bandar Almutairi
Human Experience Design
Andy Barnes
Technical Director / Producer for Immersive Experiences
Arjan Schimmel
Arjan is an experience strategist who has worked with top teams to create the vision and at the front line to make them happen.
Hidden Worlds Entertainment
Explorer Founding Member since
Generating impact through immersive experiences
Eddie Kemsley
CEO Margate Estates Ltd, owners of Dreamland, Margate
Jack Morrell
UX Designer in Madrid
Explorer Founding Member since
French experience designer specialized in mixing LARP, Escape game an immersive theater, founder of the Sculpteurs de Rêves collective.
The Transformational Travel Council
Explorer Founding Member since
Building a conscious community in travel around transformation design and regenerative thinking, for the betterment of all.
The Serious Shift Guys
Pioneer Founding Member since
The Serious Shift Guys
Amy Kole
Explorer Founding Member since
Amy is an experienced writer and narrative designer in Orlando, FL.
Raven Sun Creative
Explorer Founding Member since
Anita Siassios
Managing Director - I empower people with skills and capabilities to create holistic experiences