WXO Membership Benefits at a glance

“The WXO is the world’s only organization centered on the Experience Economy”

Joe Pine,  author, The Experience Economy 

Expand your global experience network

Connect with thought leaders and practitioners pushing the boundaries of experience design from all around the world, and from all experience sectors, from UX, CX, and EX to VR, AR, and XR; from experiential marketing to immersive theatre; from retail, travel and urban design, to placemaking, FECs, and themed attractions.

Become a better experience designer, sooner

Keep up with the latest discoveries from experience researchers. Learn the latest, best practice from experience designers. Discover insights from market-leading case studies. And figure out how to use all this in your own work now, through keynotes and workshops with non-competitive expert experience colleagues at the WXO’s digital Campfires.

“Today’s Campfire quite literally reframed the way I approach the work that we do every day.”

Nasya Kamrat, FacultyNY

“The WXO’s Campfires are THE place to get inspired, learn, and contribute to the experience conversation.”

Mike Lai, X Thinking Institute

“After just 3 Campfires, we’ve made partnerships that make a difference on levels we couldn’t have imagined or predicted.”

Dallas Burgess, Metamorphosis Experiential

“After every WXO Campfire I feel so energised, my mind expanded with gemlike, practical perspectives.”

Sheena Patel, YonderBeyond

Showcase your status as an experience pioneer

Elevate the industry and elevate yourself when you display your WXO Membership badge on your website, email, LinkedIn, and other marketing and sales materials. Especially if you become a WXO Founding Member or WXO Pioneer (available for a limited time, and in limited numbers). Membership includes a listing in the WXO Black Book.

Benefits For WXO Founding Members

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For individuals
For companies
For leaders
Available for a limited time
Available for a limited time
Available in limited numbers


$249 per year

$499 - $1,499 per year

From $5,999 per year

Attend WXO Campfires

1 person

2-6 people

From 2 people
+ 2 guests pcm

Display WXO Founding Member badge

WXO Pioneer badge

Invitation to share your case studies & methods

Personal listing in WXO Black Book

Business listing in WXO Black Book


Priority booking


Complimentary invitation to annual trend briefing on the Future of Experiences


Bespoke annual briefing on the experience trends most relevant to your work


Enhanced opportunity to influence topics 


VIP access: access to sold-out events


Additional Notes

Far More Benefits.

The WXO will offer many more benefits than those listed on this page. For instance, we intend to offer quality assurance and WXO Certification — as B Corps, the Soil Association, and Forbes do for their sectors. Membership gets you a ‘seat at the table’ in the framing of this challenge, and a say in how the solution is built. Also, we have WXO Working Groups to solve other issues, such as measuring ROX. But what this page reflects is what’s available here and now. More will be revealed and actioned over the course of 2021 and 2022.

All Applications Carefully Vetted. 
The WXO is by the industry, and for the industry. Our aim is powerful, meaningful connections, conversations, and learnings, so that we all become better experience designers. You will be informed if your application is successful within two working days of application. If your application is unsuccessful, we will return the fee, explain why, and suggest steps you can take to successfully apply in the future. 

Monthly Payment Option For Individuals 

If you are applying for the Adventurer level of WXO Founding Membership, and prefer to pay monthly, this is available for $24.92which works out to $299 per yearClick here to select the monthly payment option